KIEP: The Rich Past, the Successful Present, the Promising Future

In 2018 KIEP turned 85. But we’re not old, we’re experienced! In the course of those 85 years, KIEP changed its name and structure several times. What always remained unchanged, however, was the level of proficiency of the institute’s scientific workers and engineers, which has been high at all times.

The past we are proud of

The past we are proud of

Our rich history involves dozens of projects designed and brought to life. KIEP has impressive experience in designing nuclear power plants (NPP), thermal power plants and central heating & power plants (TPP and CHPP respectively). Very few organizations in the world that are engaged in the energy industry can boast of the similar successful experience in designing different types of power plants.

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the present we have been workin on

Nowadays, KIEP develops and applies modern technology in the field of nuclear power plant engineering and in some other related fields having to do with NPP and TPP operational activity. The organization provides a full range of services and can design power plants, construct them, put power units into operation, and give assistance in operating a running power plant.

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the present we
the Bright future

the Bright future we do our best to come true

In the nearest future, the Kiev institute plans to construct the 3rd and 4th power units of Khmelnitsky NPP. The initial project of this plant designed by KIEP involved four units. However, because of the Chernobyl accident, the full implementation of the project was shut down after the first two units were put into operation. Now the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is expected to shortly pass a statue that allows constructing the two power units. The institute plans to implement the project within five years after the design work begins.

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Meet our team

Our top executive team comprises Chairman of the Board as the head of the whole company, members of the board, and highly qualified and extraordinary heads of departments. As a result of the skillful management that meets the demands of the contemporary energy market, for many years KIEP has been a leading organization in the energy industry of Ukraine.


Yurii V. Malakhov

Chairman of the Board

Department Executives

Volodymyr M. Chernavsky

Chief Engineer

Oleksandr L. Fomenko

Development Director

Tetyana Y. Baybuzenko

Deputy Chief Engineer on Nuclear Energy

Martin J. Yegov

Head of International Department / Marketing Director