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Ninh Thuan-1 NPP

Ninh Thuan-1 NPP is the first Vietnamese nuclear power plant designed by a consortium, of which KIEP is one of the parties. The determined and already approved location is 300 km from Ho Chi Minh, the biggest city in Vietnam.

KIEP joined the consortium in 2011 at the beginning of the Ninh Thuan-1 project development. The consortium consists of 3 parties: two Russian, “E4 Group” and “Energoproekttehnologiya”, and one Ukrainian, KIEP.

Under the contract, the Kiev institute has been responsible for all the necessary design studies (inclining safety analysis and evaluation of possible impacts on the environment) and for carrying out the project feasibility study. The studies and expert report as to the site of the NPP construction were also done by KIEP. In all, three possible sites were evaluated. The institute submitted an expert report on each of them based on economic and safety factors. Considering all the pros and cons of each of the three sites, the best possible option was chosen – site #1 in Ninh Thuan province.

Ninh Thuan-1 NPP is considered to be a plant that will operate under specific environmental conditions. The main reasons for that are the tropical monsoon climate, increased seismic activity and vicinity of the sea, which together create a likelihood of a tsunami. However, the advantages of the location have also been taken into consideration. For example, there are large granite deposits under the land on which the reactors will be put. This natural stone platform goes a long way towards the factor of safety in case of possible earthquakes.

KIEP has fully met its obligations under the contract. The institute carried out the project feasibility study and safety analysis, and in 2014 submitted all the necessary documentation for the construction activities to begin. In its turn, the country’s biggest company Vietnam Electricity (EVN) that acts as an ordering party examined the submitted documentation and fully approved the project.

In June of 2014, there was a debate organized in Vietnam with a view to addressing issues concerning the construction of Ninh Thuan-1 NPP, its safety and environmental effects. During the debate, a special attention was paid to the reports submitted by KIEP. It was agreed that the project met all the safety requirements and regulations valid in Vietnam. As a result, a positive resolution was written, which formally gave the green light to the construction.

For the time being, however, the Vietnamese party has taken a timeout. In 2016, by the decision of the National Assembly of Vietnam, the implementation of the project was put off, presumably until 2020. But the government plan for the country’s energy development hasn’t been changed and includes the power capacity of Ninh Thuan-1 NPP.

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