Consulting Services

Knowledge Transfer & Staff Training in Nuclear Power Engineering

KIEP has more than 40 years of experience in designing nuclear power facilities. The qualified and skilled personnel of KIEP have been engaged in the activities on knowledge transfer and engineer training in the fields of nuclear power engineering and consulting.

KIEP provides staff training services for design and engineering companies on the basic concepts and specific aspects of the regulatory requirements and design methods, instruments applied in the project development of nuclear power facilities. The services also include training on the utilization of special-purpose design software used to carry out structural strength calculations for buildings and structures, environmental impact assessment, and nuclear and radiation safety studies for nuclear facilities and radioactive waste treatment facilities.

KIEP has knowledge and skills that allow us to provide professional help on establishing an engineering company, especially in countries where they are going to use nuclear power. In this case, KIEP develops a national engineering company concept and works out a specialized program in accordance with the needs in every particular case. KIEP then provides theoretical training to national engineers as well as job-training that involves real project documentation development by the national engineers under KIEP’s experts supervision.

KIEP actively implements the newest technologies of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In the training process, KIEP uses unique 3D software that goes with specially-designed VR glasses, which considerably improves a learning process making it much more efficient.

Thus, KIEP offers its clients to become not just participants in the use of nuclear energy, but an independent and self-sufficient party making its own decisions. Upon completing our training program that comes as part of the establishment of a national engineering company, the client will have their own qualified engineers and staff to design and operate NPPs.


Pre-Project Stage

KIEP carries out pre-project studies, evaluations and analysis. Our consulting services at this stage help our clients make the best decisions in terms of the economic feasibility and safety of the future energy facility.

Making a decision to have built a nuclear, thermal, solar or wind power plant is extremely important and requires complex feasibility studies before starting the implementation of such facilities. The wrong choices taken at this stage are very likely to entail unsatisfactory cost-efficiency and even safety problems for the environment and people.

For you to be sure you are opting for the right choices while thinking of having built a power station, KIEP offers consulting services that can save you a huge amount of money and help to avoid lots of trouble in the future.

Here is what we do to help a client make the right decisions:

  • Pre-project feasibility studies, evaluations and analysis
  • Pre-investment feasibility studies for a whole power facility or its discrete parts
  • Techno-economic studies with expert predictions
  • Power plant siting studies with recommendations upon the optimal site for the construction of any kind of energy facility

Design and Implementation

KIEP’s experts evaluate feasibility studies, evaluations and analysis carried out by third-party companies, and independently develop a set of recommendations upon their improvement/optimization. It allows our clients to be sure they opt for the best design and implementation propositions possible. The consulting services of this kind also include the evaluation of workmanship at the stage of the construction of energy facilities.

Whether you have been designing a power plant on your own or have hired an outside engineering company to do the job, it’s always useful to have a second opinion. KIEP performs analyses of offered nuclear and thermal power plants designs to evaluate their technical-and-economic feasibility levels, and also provide recommendations aimed at the improvement of design solutions and economics.

In cases when a project has already been implemented, KIEP’s experts can inspect and evaluate the installed equipment as well as performed and ongoing construction work with giving an expert report and professional recommendations on achievable improvements if needed.

Our consulting services at the stage of a project’s development/implementation include:

  • Project documentation analysis upon the request of clients
  • Expert report preparation as to engineering solutions of a design project that has been under development or implementation
  • Quality evaluation of construction and installation works (both ongoing and performed)
  • Analysis of nonconformance and/or faults done during the implementation phase of a project with providing recommendations upon their correction


Operating a power plant efficiently and safely requires strict procedures performed by highly-qualified specialists. KIEP provides complex consulting services to the operating companies of NPPs and TPPs. With those, our clients can be sure that their plants are operated at the most effective and safe level.

Operating companies can benefit from our following consulting services:

  • Commissioning and start-up assistance at the time of a power plant/unit having been put into service
  • Specialized staff training for engineering and operational activity in power plants
  • Assistance in modernizing NPPs and TPPs with a view to enhancing their safety and/or improving plant-performance characteristics
  • Expert evaluation of the functional state of a power plant’s structures, buildings and equipment with providing recommendations on their subsequent operation and maintenance
  • Support of operators while passing the government expert review of projects and obtaining permits
  • Preparation of periodic safety update reports (for whole NPPs or just units) and licensing support of operators
  • Development of methodology, instructions and regulations


Decommission is the inevitable final stage of the lifespan of any energy facility. KIEP’s professional consulting services help operators prepare the complete set of project and/or feasibility documentation to carry out this crucial, complicated and time-consuming procedure in a safe and effective way. Also, our experts provide prompt support to Clients in emergencies when only the right way of action can prevent a devastating accident.

Sooner or later, a time comes when a power plant has to be put out of operation. When it comes to NPPs, decommissioning is a complicated procedure that must be performed with as much care as their operation. For this special job, clients are strongly advised to hire skilled companies that have design experience with that particular type of nuclear reactor that needs to be shut down and decommissioned.

KIEP also provides quick situational assistance when something goes wrong at any time of a nuclear power plant’s lifespan. The institute’s experts can promptly estimate a given situation and work out a set of measures enabling to prevent an emergency from turning into a real accident.

Our main decommission and emergencies consulting services include:

  • Development of decommissioning concepts and programs for units or NPPs/TPPs as a whole
  • Preparation of license documentation for the stage of decommissioning and the support of operators in the process of licensing
  • Consulting support in the process of NPPs/TPPs decommission
  • Urgent arrival of KIEP’s experts at a facility, inspection and prompt preparation of recommendations, measures and necessary studies to sort out a particular emergency
  • Development of methodology, instructions and regulations