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General Development Plan of Netishyn - the City of Nuclear Energy Workers

One of KIEP’s largest projects in the field of civil engineering is the development of a general plan for Netishyn, a city of regional significance with a population of more than 35,000.

Netishyn is a well-known Ukrainian locality, the first documented mention of which has been dated to the 40s of the 16th century.

Further down the line, Khmelnitsky NPP was built near Netishyn and the city has since become the dwelling place for most of the NPP’s operating personnel. 

KIEP developed the general plan of the city. Naturally, its development was carried out with due account of Khmelnitsky NPP, which was and still is the biggest job-providing facility for the urban dwellers. According to the plan, for the first time in Netishyn, high-rise apartment buildings with central heating, gas supply, main water supply and a sewerage system were built.

Owing to contemporary architect solutions applied in the plan, Netishyn got a flexible structure that is able to adapt to functional and technological changes on the way of the development of the city. The present-day Netishyn is a modern city with extensive infrastructure, where there are all possible facilities necessary for dwellers’ comprehensive activities (work and recreation) of daily living.

The special pride of KIEP’s architects is the design of a Netishyn Christian Church building. Traditionally, it is a place where Christian holy days are celebrated, and wedding ceremonies for couples getting married are held.

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