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Industrial Complex “Vector” for Radioactive Waste Management

Industrial Complex “Vector” is a national enterprise that provides for storage and disposal of radioactive waste (RAW) supplied by all Ukrainian enterprises generating radioactive waste: Ukrainian nuclear power plants, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the Exclusion Zone surrounding Chernobyl NPP as well as other industrial and scientific companies and institutions.

In the Chernobyl NPP Exclusion Zone, Ukraine

Construction stage -1. JSC KIEP is the designer of the first commissioning stage. The first commissioning stage includes construction of the facilities that ensure the complete cycle of radioactive waste processing and its transferring for further storage. As of today, the main facilities of the first commissioning stage have been complete and partially commissioned.

Construction stage-2. JSC KIEP in cooperation with AMEC Nuclear, Slovakia have completed the feasibility studies for the storage facilities included into the second commissioning stage of the Industrial Complex “Vector”:

  • Long-term storage facility for long-living low-level radioactive waste (RAW);
  • Long-term storage facility for intermediate-level RAW;
  • Long-term storage facility for high-level RAW.

The Ukrainian-Spanish Consortium (Empresarios Agrupados International and JSC KIEP) developed a design for the Technological Building to be constructed for processing the solid radioactive waste. In designing the IC “Vector”, the latest technical solutions and process installations were used, which provide for the following:

    • Receipt and categorization of RAW;
    • sorting and fragmentation of solid radioactive waste (SRW) including processing of disused ionizing radiation sources (DIRS) in a "hot cell"
    • SRW incineration;
    • SRW compaction;
    • SRW cementation;
    • Interim storage of radioactive waste at different stages of the entire work process from the waste receipt to its transfer for disposal;
    • certification of radioactive waste packages; 
    • transfer of radioactive waste and disused ionizing radiation sources for disposal.

As of today, the design of the Technology Building has been positively reviewed by the State Nuclear Regulator (SNRIU) with regard to the highest standards of technical solutions made and assurance of nuclear and radiation safety.

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