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Rivne Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine

Rivne Nuclear Power Plant is the largest electricity generation company in the western region of Ukraine. At the moment all four RNPP power units are under operation:

  1. Power unit No.1: reactor type - VVER-440, capacity - 440 MW, commissioning in 1980.
  2. Power unit No.2: reactor type – VVER-440, capacity - 440 MW, commissioning in  1981 .
  3. Power unit No.3: reactor type – VVER -1000, capacity – 1000 MW, commissioning in 1986 .
  4. Power unit No.4: reactor type – VVER -1000, capacity – 1000 MW, commissioning in – 2004 .

The initial design of RNPP power unit 4 was developed by KIEP in 1985. This design was the result of three year research to substantiate the possibility of the plant extension.

The commissioning of the new power unit was scheduled for 1990 but the work on its construction was suspended. The reason was the moratorium on the construction and commissioning of new nuclear reactors, which was introduced in Ukraine after the accident at Chernobyl NPP. Subsequently, the moratorium was lifted and construction work resumed. In 2004, RNPP power unit No.4 was commissioned by SSE NNEGC Energoatom. Thus the total capacity of the plant became 2880 MW.

The functions of RNPP general designer were transferred to KIEP in 1987. Since then, the Institute has been engaged in engineering support for RNPP operation, conducts work on the modernization of power plant systems and equipment, implements safety improvement programs and also develops reports on periodic safety assessment of power units.

At present, KIEP implements the following main projects concerning improving safety and operational reliability of RNPP power units:

  • Develop reports on periodic safety reassessment of units 1 and 2 (VVER-440  reactors)
  • Introduce a system of hydrogen after-burning in the sealed volume of the reactor building at Unit 3
  • Re-equip a set of engineering features of the physical protection system at Unit 3. Upgrade the control and regulation system at Unit 3, including the turbine building
  • Modernize safety management systems with the replacement of the unified hardware
  • Within the framework of the establishment of a centralized spent fuel storage system (SNF) in Ukraine, KIEP is developing a design to implement the US Holtec International technology at all RNPP power units to ensure the delivery of SNF to the SNF Centralized Storage of Ukrainian NPP.

In the framework of implementation of a long-term strategy for radioactive waste management (RAW), KIEP has developed a complex for RAW processing.  

The project implementation at Rivne NPP has been successfully completed. The complex was put into operation in 2018.

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