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Solid Radioactive Waste Processing Facilities at Rivne NPP and Khmelnitsky NPP

While implementing the radioactive waste management strategy, JSC KIEP designed the solid radioactive waste processing facilities (SWPF) at Rivne and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plants. Both facilities are designed by applying the state-of-the-art technologies for processing the radioactive waste.

The facilities include the following installations and systems:

  • RAW retrieval unit for the existing storage facilities;
  • Fragmentation and sorting facility;
  • RAW drying unit;
  • Incinerator for solid radwaste and contaminated oil;
  • Superpress;
  • Cementation unit;
  • Steel decontamination unit;
  • RAW certification system.

The project at the Rivne NPP has been successfully completed. The SWPF was commissioned in 2018. The construction of the SWPF at Khmelnitsky NPP is going on including procurement of equipment, development of design documentation for construction of this facility.

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