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Conference "Ukraine-Chile"

On March 26, under the auspices of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry an international conference “Ukraine-Chile” was held.

The JSC KIEP was invited to participate in the conference as a consultant in the energy sector and took the opportunity to promote its services to the Chilean market. The JSC KIEP was represented by the Head of the Department of International Cooperation/ Director of Marketing Martin Egov.

The conference was also attended by: Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Santiago and President of the Chilean-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Alex Peter Guillermo Thiermann Isense, Trade Representative Eduardo Alvarez, Head of the Board for the State Innovation and Finance Credit Agency with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Vladimir Stavnyuk, Honorary Consul of Chile in Ukraine Konstantin Vitalyevich Polivoda. The international session was chaired by Gennady Nikolaevich Boldyr, Director of the Department of International Cooperation.

Following the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Ukrainian and the Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, negotiations were held in the B2B format between Alex Thiermann and Martin Egov. The President of the Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed interest in cooperation between JSC KIEP and the energy companies of the Republic of Chile. A preliminary roadmap of energy cooperation was discussed.

Today, 10 Latin American countries are at different stages of weighing pros and cons of developing the national nuclear energy sector. Some of them have made significant progress in planning and decision-making process. The others are still at the level of reviewing proposals or simply expressing interest in nuclear power without any specific plans. Chile has completed a detailed assessment of its energy development strategy and worked out a plan that JSC KIEP found well-thought-out and interesting.

To date, Chile has completed a technical analysis of possible options regarding the construction of nuclear power plants, taking into account the fact that the country is located in a seismically active zone. The available anti-seismic technologies can effectively reduce the potential risks at future nuclear facilities in the Republic of Chile.


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