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Signing of Agreement on Cooperation between “KIEP” and Framatome

Signing of Agreement on Cooperation between the Joint Stock Company “Kyiv Research and Design Institute “ENERGOPROJECT” and Framatome Company.

This April the top management of the JSC KIEP and Framatome Company signed the Agreement on Cooperation, which allows obtaining mutual benefits for our companies:

“Kyiv Research and Design Institute “ENERGOPROJECT” (KIEP) has a unique highly scientific potential and 85 years of experience in the energy field, and Framatome Company is on the crest of the high-technology industry. Therefore, joint activities are able to give a new impulse for highly skilled joint works.

The history of relations between the JSC KIEP and Framatome Company is still not long, but the further mar of this history appears optimistic. In 2018, during the World Nuclear Exhibition, the JSC KIEP delegation (represented by Mr. Malakhov Yu.V., being the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Maslyak A.M., being the Head of the Supervisory Board and Mr. Onishchenko V.A., being the Deputy Head of the Supervisory Board) met with delegates of the Framatome Company (representative of the Framatome Company in Ukraine Mr. Korolev Sergey, and Ms. Marie Lou Olivier). In course of the negotiations we jointly identified the points of mutual interests and representatives of the Framatome Company were invited to the 85th anniversary of KIEP.

This April the Agreement on Cooperation between JSC KIEP and Framatome Company was signed in Frankfurt am Main. This Agreement includes performance of the works associated with decommissioning of power units at Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria and Ignalina NPP in Lithuania, as well as strengthening of the JSC KIEP positions at the European market.

We would like to note that Framatome Company is one of the major international members of nuclear energy market. This company is specialized in development, manufacture and installation of components, fuel and instrumentation systems for nuclear power plants; as well Framatome Company offers a full range of reactor maintenance services.

It will be a promising cooperation for the both parties which will allow strengthen their positions at the energy market, because the JSC KIEP always solves practical and specific tasks. It demonstrates that, firstly, these tasks do exist, secondly, they can be solved, and thirdly, they can be monetized and implemented. Currently our company is actively investing in the future of the JSC KIEP and its products, therefore, searching and development of new solutions are becoming one of the most important and priority areas of the JSC KIEP activities.

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