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We’ve turned 85!

On August 31, 2018, KIEP turned 85. So what happened in the course of those 85 years since the day the
institute was established? Well, in fact, there is so much that has happened that even the thickest book
won’t be able to accommodate: dozens of projects, developed and put into life, and hundreds of
researches and experimental efforts, many of which turned into innovations at their own time. Also, for
those 85 years KIEP has gained the untarnished reputation of a reliable business partner. The institute
strictly abides by its principles of activity: timely execution of the assumed obligations and quick
response to the clients’ requests.
KIEP has gained a leading role among Ukrainian organizations working in the field of energy
development. On the global market of energy engineering, the institute has been well reputed due to its
both executed and ongoing projects in such counties as Vietnam, India, Hungary, Bulgaria, Iraq, Serbia,
Croatia, Macedonia, Guinea, and Cuba.
Are we satisfied with our achievements? Yes, we’re proud of them. Are we going to rest on our laurels?
No way! In terms of big organizations, the age of 85 is rather a prime of life. Today, KIEP has been
conducting research and design activities and is engaged in many projects in Ukraine and abroad. Our
goal is to make the power industry more cost-efficient and safer for the environment and people. And to
achieve our goals, the institute has all the needed resources backed by the great experience of our
highly qualified specialists and the 85 years of our history.

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