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Delegation of Kyiv Research and Design Institute "Energoprojekt" visited JSC "Ukrenergomashyny"

On November 16, 2021, a business visit of the delegation of JSC KIEP took place in Kharkiv. The members of the delegation visited the Joint Stock Company "Ukrenergomashyny" (formerly JSC "Turboatom"), which is one of the largest enterprises in the world for the production of steam and hydraulic turbines, hydraulic valves for hydro-electric power stations, hydroelectric pumped storage power plants and pumping stations and other power equipment.

The main purpose of the meeting was a working meeting on the design of turbine halls of power units No.3 and No.4 of Khmelnitsky NPP and the introduction of low-capacity NPPs based on modular reactors.

The delegation included four JSC KIEP representatives:

I.V. Malakhov - Chairman of the Board

V. M. Chernavsky - Chief Engineer

V.A. Onishchenko - Adviser to the Chairman of the Board on economic issues

O.A. Okhrimenko - Production Director


The participants of the meeting from JSC "Ukrenergomashyny" were:

E.V. Levchenko - General designer

V.L. Shvetsov - Chief designer of steam turbines

O.O. Pakhomov - Head of design department


During the meeting, the main issues were considered as for cooperation between JSC "Ukrenergomashyny" and JSC "KIEP" on the design of the turbine halls of Units 3 and 4 of Khmelnitsky NPP. The specialists of both Parties confirmed the technical solutions for the use of K-1100-60 /1500-2 M turbines in the machine hall design of Unit No. 3 of Khmelnitsky NPP.


The program of the visit also included visits to production facilities, checking the readiness of turbine units for Unit № 3 of Khmelnitsky NPP.

Related to the signing on August 31, 2021 of the Memorandum between NNEGC Energoatom and the American company Westinghouse on the construction of 5 power units of Ukrainian NPPs according to AR 1000 technology, the pilot of which will be Unit No.4 KhNPP, JSC “Ukrenergomashyny” performed an assessment of the turbine operation on the basis of the turbine K-1100-60 /1500-2M with its modernization to a capacity of 1200 MW as part of the NPP power unit with reactor AR 1000 from "Westinghouse". The performed assessment allows to confirm the possibility of economic and reliable operation of the turbine unit with a capacity of 1200 MW type K-1200-5,76 / 25 with reactor unit AR 1000. The main technical characteristics of the turbine with a capacity of 1200 MW to the reactor AR 1000 were provided to Mr. Peter Kotin, Energoatom Director on 03.11.2021. This turbine consists of main basic parts that have good experience in previously manufactured turbines, said Mr. Levchenko.

Representatives of JSC Ukrenergomashyny also presented options of turbines of various designs for low-capacity NPPs.

Based on the results of the contact meeting, the parties signed appropriate minutes of the meeting.

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