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Today, the whole world is living in new realities due to the rapid worldwide spread of the insidious disease named COVID-19. It is a contagious disease caused by one of the recently discovered coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2, which was unknown prior to an infection outbreak in the Chinese city Wuhan in December 2019.

Within a few months, more than one million people caught the COVID-19 and more than one hundred thousand died.

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Decree No. 211 dated 11 March, 2020 “On Prevention of spread of Acute Respiratory Disease COVID-19 Caused by SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in Ukraine” that provides for nationwide measures including the enforcement of the quarantine throughout Ukraine starting from 12 March, 2020.

In view of the aforementioned conditions in the world and in Ukraine, the state legislative acts and recommendations, the Joint Stock Company “Kiev Research and Design Institute “Energoproject” (hereinafter - JSC KIEP) has imposed the measures to arrange the company operation under the quarantine that resulted in development of respective administrative documents and update of business processes. The staff personnel of about 500 employees were redeployed to work remotely at home to ensure timely and qualitative performance of contract obligations under specific quarantine conditions. .

Regardless the difficult conditions JSC KIEP continues meeting its contractual commitments to the fullest extent to ensure sustainable operation of nuclear and thermal power facilities. Among the most important are those for which the engineers’ work is not stopped under no conditions.

Currently, according to the schedule supervised by the Contracting Authority (SE NNEGC "Energoatom"), JSC KIEP delivers the services for the Construction Project of the Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility (hereinafter referred to as CSFSF) designed by JSC KIEP in cooperation with Holtec International (USA) that assumes deployment of spent nuclear fuel container storage technology. This is a nationwide project being implemented to resolve the problem of interim storage of spent nuclear fuel delivered from Ukrainian NPPs. The CSFSF Project involves all personnel of JSC KIEP. The work is currently carried out by the employees, both at workplaces and remotely:

  • development of detailed design documentation;
  • update of design;
  • the engineer of records activity.


Detailed design documentation is also developed for the Solid Radioactive Waste Processing Facility (hereinafter - SWPF) at Khmelnitsky NPP, whose main task is to reduce the amount of solid radioactive waste generated during operation of the power units.

The need for such facilities is difficult to overestimate as their construction is a great stride forward in ensuring nuclear safety at nuclear power plants.

JSC KIEP pays much attention to the timely development of design documentation to provide for completion of repairs at all Ukrainian NPP units.

The JSC KIEP proceeds with development of design cost estimate documentation for SE NNEGC "Energoatom" to implement the measures to improve nuclear and radiation safety and reliability of all Ukrainian NPPs.

The JSC KIEP Supervisory Board and, personally, the Chairman of the Board are thankful for each employee’s understanding the situation and performing their tasks qualitatively and in a timely manner as scheduled.  

We assure all partners, the current and future customers and web-site visitors that at all times our company has been and will be a reliable partner and supplier of engineering services in the field of power engineering regardless various extrinsic problems.

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