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The summit reaffirmed the right of EU members to nuclear energy

Based on the information from Internet sources at the summit of the European Union (EU), held last week in Brussels, the heads of states and governments of the EU did not agree on a pan-European rejection of nuclear energy.

The European Council recognized the right of the EU countries to determine the list of types of energy that they will use, as well as to “take measures necessary to ensure their own energy security.”

In particular, the Prime Minister of Czech Republic, Andrej Babiš, before leaving for the summit, promised that he would defend the Czech Republic’s right to a peaceful atom:

“It’s important for us to understand that no one will forbid us to build power units. We must have electricity for people, for business and heating.”

Hungary also stated about its plans to develop nuclear energy, and that it is intended to reject of coal by 2030 and replace it with nuclear energy, gas, renewable energy and import of electricity.

In addition, France and Bulgaria as well stated about their plans to continue using nuclear energy.

Also, the heads of the EU states and governments, with the exception of Poland, agreed to make the EU economy climate neutral by 2050.

KIEP supports the decision to continue to use nuclear energy in the EU and is exploring the possibility of prospects for cooperation with leading European nuclear companies.

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