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The International Conference “Bulgarian Nuclear Energy – National, Regional and World Energy Safety”

Within the framework of International Bulgarian Atomic Forum (BULATOM), on June 5-7, the International Conference Bulgarian Nuclear Energy – National, Regional and World Energy Safety” was held in Varna

On June 7, the Conference Bulgarian Nuclear Energy – National, Regional and World Energy Safety” was finished. This is a key industry event in Bulgaria arranged by the Bulgarian Atomic Forum (BULATOM), in which the JSC KIEP representatives also took part. The Institute was represented by Mr. A. Fomenko, Business Development Manager and Mr. M.J. Yegov, the Head of International Department. Traditionally, politicians, ambassadors, energy sector experts, representatives of foreign companies and journalists attend this event.

“The nuclear power industry is inexhaustible,” stated Mr. Bogomil Manchev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum BULATOM, at the opening of the conference. Minister of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria. Mrs. Temenuzhka Petkova is fully agreed with Mr. Bogomil Manchev, recalling that nuclear power plants provide reliable and cheap electricity supplies.

In May 2019, the bidding for investors in the project on construction of “Belene” NPP was started in Bulgaria. According to Mrs. Petkova, a number of large nuclear companies, such as “CNNC”, “Framatome”, “GE”, “Rosatom”, atomic scientists from South Korea announced their interest in advance. Now a 90-day deadline given to announce specific offers of the interested companies has started.

Terms and conditions of the bidding allow for participation in the project as a minority owner. Potential investors may also conclude the contracts for buying out of one or another share of the future generation. In other words, “Belene” NPP may several investors and owners at once.

Based on the requests received from the companies participating in the conference, the organizers developed a program for holding the event, in course of which were discussed such important issues as prospects for the development, operation and maintenance of nuclear facilities – new approaches; technologies and practices for decommissioning nuclear facilities. The issues on RAW and SNF processing and storage (exchange of information for the implementation of such projects) were discussed as well. This issue is of great importance for Bulgaria in connection with necessity and announced tender for decommissioning of the “Kozloduy” NPP.

JSC KIEP has a many years of experience in the energy industry and offers foreign partners the best solutions in accordance with the specific requirements of the Employer considering national specifics. And our mutually beneficial cooperation with Bulgaria in the nuclear field has been going over 30 years, because we have laid a good foundation for the joint implementation of new projects being the General Designer of “Belene” NPP 2хVVER-1000/V-320, Developer of Feasibility Study and of the Project 2хVVER-1000/V-466.

In the late 80s, the JSC KIEP performed research and development work was of significant importance for modernization of nuclear power plants equipped with V-320 reactors. The JSC KIEP as the main design organization developed a new project on nuclear power plants of enhanced safety (AES-88), in which provided a lot of new technical solutions aimed at improving the reliability and safety of nuclear power plants. In total, the project involved more than 27 research and development institutes and organizations, including such giants as Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Experimental Design Bureau “Gidropress” and the Institute “Atomenergoproject”. Due to the joint efforts of designers and scientists we succeed to reduce the probability of accidents by 10 times, and the probability of human accidental exposure was reduced by half.

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