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Start-up and commissioning of the first Ukrainian flue gas desulfurization plant have started at Trypilska TPP unit № 2

To improve the ecological conditions around the metropolitan areas the construction of a full-scale flue gas desulfurization plant is being implemented at Trypilska TPP unit -2 by applying the modern semi-dry technology developed by European company RAFACO S.A.

JSC KIEP acting as the General Designer has developed this unique design and performs the designer’s supervision of construction. As of beginning of June 2019, the construction is complete and the adjustment of the main and auxiliary equipment of the process systems, power supply and automation systems has started.

Trypilska TPP, as well as the other thermal power plants use the solid fossil fuel and convert it into the pure forms of energy (electricity and heat), thus creating comfortable working and living conditions. Trypilska TPP is the facility of high environmental hazard due to its specific production. Among all harmful environmental effects due to operation of the thermal power plants, the most extensive and hazardous is the impact on the atmospheric air due to emissions of pollutants with the boiler flue gases, primarily sulfur dioxide and ash.

The power units of Trypilska TPP were constructed and commissioned in 1969-1970 according to JSC KIEP designs. The designs were developed and approved in line with requirements applicable at that time. The units were equipped with the systems for cleaning the flue gases from the ash only. The operational efficiency of equipment is no longer in line with the modern requirements.

The reconstruction of Trypilska TPP unit 2 includes construction of the full-scale plant for cleaning the flue gases from sulfur dioxide (FGD plant) to be the first in Ukraine.

The objective of FGD plant construction by applying the above mentioned technology is to provide for cleaning the flue gases from sulfur dioxide with simultaneous improvement of flue gas purification from the ash particles through integration of an additional plant for capture of desulfurization product mixed with ash using the fabric filter that minimizes the consumption of natural (water, sorbent, air) and power (electricity and heat) resources.

The decision about construction of the pilot Ukrainian flue gas desulfurization plant was made considering the requirements of the current Environmental Law and the international commitments undertaken by Ukraine as the Energy Community member.

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