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 Sensorama is a software and hardware R&D solutions integration company, with its mission to improve the efficiency of enterprise clients businesses by providing integration of AR, VR, IoT, Wearables and other advanced technologies.

SensoramaSensorama makes innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of workers and business processes Their focus is to create effective solutions for the digital transformation of industrial enterprises using Virtual and Augmented reality,     as well as other advanced technologies. Among their numerous projects is the creation of VR simulator for training workers at DTEK TPPs, training simulator with VR for Energoatom workers at NPPs, Augmented Reality for enterprise asset management and IoT, logistic assets visualization with Virtual Reality for Nova Poshta and others.

SensoramaSensorama believes that nowadays enterprises can significantly optimize costs and increase their efficiency by applying advanced immersive technologies. Digital transformation is the necessity of today’s world. Sensorama is pleased to partner with KIEP in order to provide advanced digital transformation solutions and services.

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